For now, is the time

dream together, break the surface, and stretch the wings

There is nothing I enjoy more than to travel the pathways of possibilities! 

The brick wall area in the photo above is about 8′ square. it was done as a memorial on a wall alongside a specially designed roof garden.

A blend of the modern and traditional come together in the sign above.  The parish logo is a traditional stain glass sandwiched between clear acrylic panels, set into an aluminum composite framework assembly.

As an artist and designer, I have been designing signs and displays for most of my career. The sign (top pic) was taken sometime before LED message panels were installed on the wings.


The 3D rendering above is a concept presentation design for a client.






The boat is a Luger, a Leeward model kit boat from the early 1970s, It is a fun boat to sail. The  photo was taken as we sailed the St. Croix river, south of Hudson, WI

I modified the base of the Luger mast designing and fabricating a swivel assembly so it is easier for one person to raise and lower the 19′ mast. 

(top pic). I added about 4 inches to the height of the cuddy cabin for more usable space and easier access below. Clear Lexan panels provide strength and vision when under sail.   


This interior sign motif covers the transoms above traditional doors. This approach saved the expense of removing, the transoms. The sign welcomes visitors to their renovated community room at the Church of St. Mary, downtown St. Paul, MN

This card is one in a series of “Snowman” holiday greeting cards. 

The art above is for 2020 – a retro approach with “Snowman in the box” and a spinning top featuring snow people.

Every year one of my loyal clients commissions me to do their holiday card. It is always fun to do. It is one of my favorite annual projects.

Innovation is Key

New materials, new techniques

And there will be more waiting in the wings.


A Study of Subjects

Variety is the spice of life

And here too.