Always asking “the what-ifs?”


Here is a project concept that answered a “what-if” question.

Through the years I have found that question to be a fun exercise that primes the imagination and the design, the drawing, the project done well, with integrity, worth, and style.

Vision and Experience

Vision, free thought, and experience are all part of the creative play.


…and many years later a little red farm tractor came to life in a children’s book.

Playing with a 3D illustration I found myself going back in time…way back.

What may I offer you?

Sign and Display

Photo Illustration

Exploring concepts and ideas

Expandable-Retractable room(s) for homes. When more space is required the walls expand out and when less space is required the rooms contract.


Architectural concept drawings

The Architectural Rendering below is based on a pavilion design by Architect David Harris.


The Fun of Creative Dreamings

The process of the work I do is really play if the truth is told. When I was very young I spent much of my time in grassy fields and wooded areas. Late Spring was the time for picking wild strawberries, small but delicious. July was the time of the ripening of wild raspberries, in August blackberries. Wildflowers filled the fields and woodlands. Mid-summer grasshoppers came to dine, thankfully not as the plagues in years previous  Birds, butterflies, and flying insects of all kinds filled the skies. And Lightning bugs lit up the summer nights. And, so I began drawing from the experiences of my life with an imagination activated by the What-ifs.



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