Design For the Future, and the Fun of it

Ever since I shadowed my Dad as he brought ideas to life, (“Son, you are in my light.”) I have tinkered with this and that. What fun the process of design brings to my life as an artist and designer.

I am sure there are multitudes of books written on the Future as relates to Design filling the shelves of entire libraries. Not to mention the countless servers somewhere in the clouds. And so as a designer I have but a few things to say for now.

The Tiny Home Movement

I believe there are many questions we need to ask as inhabitants on this Earth, so beautifully designed. I present one aspect of design and the future, the homes we live in,

Some years ago more and more people have begun to ask some of the following questions.

Do I really need all the stuff I think I need to live well? Do I have the space for all the stuff?

What are the consequences of our daily lives and the sustainability of our every day lives?

Nothing we have lasts forever. What are the consequences of the materials used in the stuff we throw away?

The homes we live in, how many square feet do we need for our comfort and happiness?  Today typical new homes range from 2,400 sq. ft. to 4,000, 6,000 sq. ft. and more. Our lifestyle is that of indoor living, in many ways having lost touch with the environment.

Years ago native peoples lived in shelters, for the most part, less than 300 sq. ft. as did most peoples at that time

Take a look at Tiny Homes on the internet. I find the subject rather intriguing and something to think about.

As Porky would say, “That’s All Folks.”




Back in time, a number of decades ago, before the modern age of computers, I inked and color-washed this concept sketch. A kind of cone in a pine tree. Oh, the trust we put in the living branches of a tree, an incredible biological feat of nature’s engineering. 



Thoughts on a career in Art & Design

The imagination offers the best form of entertainment I know.  I have a 3′ x 4′ x 30″ cabinet full of a kind of entertainment log, of drawings and print material that I have saved over a lifetime career as an artist and designer. Seldom do I open the door and go through the contents therein, but when I do and sort through the piles of projects what I find most important are the people with whom I worked, the clients I had the opportunity to serve. 

The art, the design, all that we do, even the few, or many special things we have accomplished are of little consequence without our relationships, one to another. It is as simple and complex as that.

Variety is the Spice

But a warning about too much spice! Through the years I have tackled many and varied projects and for the most part, been successful with the outcome. Often I have found, the research and design aspects and lack of specific knowledge and experience come with a price to be paid. 

And so, I look to the next crazy, way above my head project I will be so lucky as to land. And when things get tough, I know who to call.


Design Surrounds us, Naturally 

Well Spider, you certainly spun a beautiful web.


Scroll down for more Ooglee comments on precious moments of our lives. 

My research and design began years before to begin a career as an artist and designer. I recall perusing the stuff of an old farm shed. There were all kinds of parts and pieces of implements, gears, chains, pulleys disks, plowshares, spoke wheels. All sorts of possible contraptions danced in my head. What fun.

It was in the morning hours, the sun still low in the sky. I turned from the relative dim of the shed and looked back to the door and in the sunlight, a beautiful web showed before me.  The delicate patterns, droplets of water, and the mist of morning added to the scene.  I stood in awe of the work a spider had done. I do not know that I have done a piece of art any finer than what that spider in the shed had spun.

And so I sketched the scene with my alien friend OOGLEE observing the beauty of that glorious morning.

Scenes  from the Natural World

Without the beauty of nature, whatever we as humans may do is of little consequence.

Snippets in the Life of a little oobling.