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I Built a Snowman
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Winterbutterfly was the name I used for many years as I rendered many a winter's scene. I've enjoyed the season of snow in my part of the world ever since I was a young boy. I marveled at the snowflakes as they fell into my gloved hand. Snowflakes, their intricacy of pattern, crystals of water in an ever so delicate form lay but for a moment for my eyes to see. One by one by one they fell and gathered in the millions, billions and beyond, blanketing the earth as far as I could see.

inside the book...

page 15 from I Built a SnowmanThe Trees

I built a snowman in our woods
before the darkness fell.
I quickly decorated it
and all the trees as well.

The moonlight’s glow lit up the way
to my warm and cozy home.
I felt happy ’cause my snowman
was safe and not alone.

And when the warming sun came out,
I ran to find my friend.
“He is gone,” the tree limbs whispered;
“you’ll see him once again.”

Snowmen rendered in 3D software - cropped photo used in book

snowman-3dA plate of delicious Snowman cookies - learn how to make them, the recipe is in the book.