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A Distance Traveled

cave entrance from the inside

The following is an excerpt from the book...

I turned around and looking back at the entrance the scene surprised me. The glow of the afternoon light so bright transformed the grass beyond the entrance into brilliant shades of exquisite green, as I had not seen before, quite remarkable. I went down on my knees and snapped a couple of pictures from this wonderful spot.

The book is a soft cover (5.5" x 8.5" ) 290 page edition with poems, prose and gray-scale - black and white photos and illustrations by the artist. As reflected in the subtitle "other treasures."

A Distance Traveled book cover

A Distance Traveled is currently available Online at and other Online book venues including Red Balloon Bookshop

The following is an excerpt from the book.


Live Life
a Poem by Robert Buckner

Live life
To the fullest
Without fear
Of what may come
Knowing that life itself is enough
Love, laugh, enjoy.

horse in pasture

And so one day wandering a pasture,
I snapped this photo...
and I loved, laughed and enjoyed.

- rb

The following is an excerpt from the book.


One Star
a Poem by Robert Buckner

One star amidst the billions of stars
one moment of time
amidst the eons of time
light and time converge
eternity is glimpsed.

What is the measure of a life?
Life, a star amidst the billions of stars
the light that glows,
warm red or bright blue
in the twinkling of an eye
or an evening’s flickering flame
the sunrise and sunset
of a million years
are but a promise
of another tomorrow.

And so we slumber
awaiting the light
of the one star
amidst the billions
a dwarf among the giants
the star that gives light
and measure to our days.