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Published June 5th 2018 this is the newest Children's Boook by Robert Buckner

The story of Torgi begins as a young farm tractor, fresh out of the factory. Farms and tractors like Torgi were smaller than the tractors and farms of today. Torgi introduces young readers to life on the farm. Children learn about the earth, the plants, the farm animals, the work of farmers and that the food we love to eat comes from farms. Now, imagine turning the pages of Torgi the Tractor, and traveling back to a farm from another place and time. Are you ready for a visit to the farm? Let’s go!

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A full music video with a reading of the story of Little Whee is in the works. CreativeDreamings Press hopes to have the video available early in 2015. Click on me, Little Whee to see and hear a sample.

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Book cover of A Distance Traveled