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We all have our dreams. Dreams, I believe give us hope for the present as well as the future. Some dreams are serious and very important dreams, like the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. Dreams it seems are ether serious or playful. They are something special that all people in this big wide world have in common
What are your dreams?
As an artist I find myself dreaming quite a lot. On this page are some of my dreams. The cartoons below are of OOglee - a little oobling that brings Oodles and Oodles of gentle laughs and endless energy into the world. Thanks Ernie Forss for pouring such wonderful meaning into the simple name I had given my little character.

Sometimes there is just nothing one can do.Fallen star

Thanks to a plunger "All is not Lost."Ooglee at sea

Such a talented spider you are.Ooglee and the web

The Homes we live in? In the part of the world I live in it is cold in the winter and the cost of heating rises. What if my house could contract in the winter when it gets cold keeping me warm but not needing to heat so much interior space.
house overview And in summer less space to cool.
house contracted
And when guests arrive and/or the weather is wonderful expand and stretch out for a while.
two areas of house expandedWhen the rooms are contracted the insulating qualities of the house double up making for even more efficient heating and cooling.

Thoughts on a futuristic sailboat.

Years ago, thinking about the boats and ships of the past I thought of sailboats in the future. Today I say, if there is merit to the idea, why not now? What might a future boat look like? How might it function? My concept boat I call Le Bobber. The boat is shaped a bit like a submarine. A ring circles the hull. The mast, keel and shrouds are fastened to, and are part of the ring. The winds blow, the mast and sails angle with the winds, countered by the weighted keel below water. The boat itself remains relatively level. Moreover, in extremely rough seas with sails removed and boom fastened the boat could submerge below the rough waves and into the calm of the ocean to wait out the storm. A sailboat of the future is fun to think about. Here is a drawing of Le-Bobber.

A futuristic sailboat

It is fun to dream. What is important is that we dream. And when good dreams come true, how wonderful for us all.