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To draw is to unwrap and begin to understand the ideas, thought and imagination within the dream.

Logo, product, print or the digital's all part of the mix. Sketches with pen or pencil, doodles on paper or a napkins or drawing in the sand with a finger or stick - it does not matter. Ideas evolve through imaginative thought and the art of sketching or drawing refine and make sense of it all.

The work I do often helps others with making their dreams come true,and the work others do for me helps mine come true.

Just Truffles logo

The Justruffles logo began as a pen drawing on a napkin. at a wedding dinner with Kathy and Roger of Just Truffles on Grand Ave, in St. Paul, MN. Kathy's idea was to begin a business dedicated to the very best in Chocolate Truffles. Later, after an hour of two of sketching and refinement the next step was making it happen in the illustration software of a computer. The logo was a small but important part of the beginnings of Kathy's dream.

Dream it and we will draw it.

Some dreams do come true however insignificant or grand they may be.

drawing of a treehouseA photo of a treehouse