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Do - In my work as an artist I have discovered that one of the most important aspects of creativity is to let go of the fear of failure or what people might think. Fear is to creativity like water is to fire. There is a saying I have heard often. "The person who has never had a failure or made a mistake never did anything." Do you suppose I heard that saying so many times because I never made a mistake?   

I have also found if I do things I enjoy, the failures are few and the successes are many.   

A few of the many things I like to do - Christmas cards - the snowman amid the trees (vector illustration) - the moon above the pines (photo software) - toy farm with fence (3d software)

snowman amid the trees

Moon above the pines


More things I like to do, do, do....

moonshot baseball
When I was young Harmon Killebrew was hitting baseballs out of the park referred to as "moonshots" I got to thinking about it and playing around with a 3D program, came up with this fanciful image of a baseball in orbit around the moon. A low tech approach to space travel.

kalidescopeAJ makes beautiful wood turnings and inserts a kaleidescope. How can I capture these wonderful images I wondered. I put my phone camera lens to the eye piece and clicked a photo. How cool. It is a work of art and AJ played a part in its creation.

winter window

I built a farm wagon on some antique wheels and used it for our backyard landscape. I took a photo and began to play, creating this winter scene through a window.